A manufacturer’s track record

For over 20 years, JYGA Process has created machines for use in production lines.
JYGA Process’s customers are mainly manufacturers in the food processing sector as well as in the general health and hygiene sectors. Our machines are designed in-house by our research department, then assembled and automated in the studio and finally delivered and installed at the client’s premises by our technicians.



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JYGA Process is organised around four services :

  • Commercial and administrative
  • Mechanical design office
  • Automation design office
  • Assembly workshop.


Our teams work together to implement your specific installations. The design is done in 3D and automation is achieved through automated or robotic systems.


JYGA Process is specialises in end of production line machinery, built either from the customer’s specifications or from our standard product range.
We offer complete solutions and have a know-how based on 20 years of experience. Indeed, with more than 350 machines in production today, we are constantly enriching our expertise base.

Service commercial
Sales department


Programmation automatisé
Programming automatism


Atelier de montage
Assembly worksho